It all started with the Chick-fil-A cows. First I bought the Santa Cow, then came the mini-moos and then Decibell, the superhero cow. Add to that a very generous AFLAC representative and, over the years, my collection has grown considerably. A friend in Washington bought a new mattress, that’s how I ended up with a Serta Counting Sheep and I’ve been known to shop at a store or in a catalog just to qualify for a gift-with-purchase-style plush (like the Victoria’s Secret Hoodie Dog).

13. I have multiple monkeys, all named George. And, again, there’s a story to it. A few years ago I was driving to New Orleans when I decided I wanted one of those monkeys with the long arms and velcro hands to carry/wear around the French Quarter and take pictures of and with. Couldn’t find one the entire weekend. But on the way home some friends stopped for gas and found just that monkey, brought him to me, and I named him George. When Mom gave me a Curious George doll this past Christmas it was then I decided ‘Well, I’ve got 2 Georges, why not name ’em all George!’ Hence, the George-Borg was born.

Other things I collect include bears (specifically Pooh bears, but even those have diminished over the years) and bells from places I or others have travelled to.