Published On: April 16, 2009

25 Things, 14-15

It took me 15 minutes to purchase 9 pairs of shoes and various accessories. After brunch it took us an hour or more and 3 stores to find one pair of shoes for Todd. So take that, stereotypes, lol! Actually, because it was a liquidation sale (her store was damaged in a floor and it just wasn't cost-effective to repair it to reopen) there was a lot of choice but limited size selections so, pretty much anything in my size that I was even remoted interested in went into the stack and then I weeded them down. I only put back 2 pairs, I think. Which leads us to: 15. I own 73 pairs of shoes. Even I'm shocked! I knew I'd probably passed 60 but I didn't realize by THAT much! I suppose that's all there is to say about that...

5 thoughts on “25 Things, 14-15

  1. Wow. I’d be surprised if I have more than 10, and of those, I regularly wear, like, 3.

  2. What is up with that giant-sized Adam’s apple? LOL!

    1. To emphasize your manliness??? Um, honestly I think it’s the same size I always draw them but without the double-lines it’s more noticeable. Will have to do some comparisons at some point, lol.

  3. Well … if you want to emphasize my manliness, shouldn’t something different be giant sized? ;-D

    1. It’s NOT that sort of comic!

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