Published On: April 24, 2009

25 Things, 21-22

I try to be fair, though, encouraging the everyone takes a turn idea. Some people, however, insist on ruining it for others when they wedge themselves in where the don't belong or try to jump the line of traffic. Those people don't get let in if I can help it. 22-I type in rhythm to the music playing in my office, reaching almost air-guitar standards of grandeur. Hair metal ballads are some of the best for this, offering the most expressive power chords and so forth. The best thing about working late or keeping an eye on the front office is that I can turn the music up a bit more and really "rock out."

2 thoughts on “25 Things, 21-22

  1. So does #22 mean you’re an expert at Guitar Hero and Rock Band? Those’ve been my favorite games as of late, even though I can’t quite grasp the use of the orange button.

    1. I’ve never played either of those, actually, and I sorta doubt my coordination-fu is strong enough.

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