Published On: September 3, 2009

A Month of Fridays 3

At least a temporary one!

3 thoughts on “A Month of Fridays 3

  1. Just finished running through your backlog here. This is the nut who posted the long list of webcomics on the SG site. No longer an “uber” member, so no longer able to post there to say my views. Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed the comics, and your art has definitely coalesced since the start.
    I am going to put this comic on my list of comics to watch. 🙂 Now time to go check questionable, sluggy, and girlgenius!

    1. Hey there! I wondered what happened to you. Glad you enjoyed your stroll down my memory lane, feel free to stop by and post any time!

  2. AWWWWWW!!! That is so sweet!

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