I had a 6am flight and while we knew getting there 2 hours beforehand would be overkill, we (Mom and I) decided one hour probably wouldn’t hurt. Apparently, if you’re leaving TLH in the middle of the week on the first flight out, you could get there 30 minutes before it left and you’d be just fine.

* * *

Oh, look: variable line widths! The upside to doing brush and ink is the cool line variations. The downside is that it takes so very much longer than with pen. But since I’m happier with the finished product I suppose its worth it. Its still not colory goodness, but I actually might work up to grey washes before too long!

Another thing I did was ditch the blue pencils. It would seem that I can be a little, uh, heavy handed (I know, shocker!) with the soft leads and that was making erasing a massive issue. Switching to technincal pencil (2 mm lead) makes it much easier to erase from the bristol pads I use and, therefore, not removing half the ink I just laid down or amping up the contrast to ridiculous levels.

What? It only took me five months to figure it out…