Apparently this month we’re doing visual therapy at Cocktail Hour–that seems more appropriate than I first thought, actually.

At any rate, I know it’s doesn’t have to be an all or nothing sort of thing, but it’s how I’ve generally operated. When it was food, it was food all the time, I had goals, I met them (a little too easily at times) and then it was done. Move on. And even though I loved what I had been doing I still had that burned-out, step away from the cooking feeling for a few years. I don’t want to repeat that.

So, when I started webcomics I was also writing about crafts and it was good–2 different outlets that kept me very busy yet satisfied. The writing contract ends: joy, I can spend more time on my comics projects. Move something from someday to now. Only, well, I found myself not 100% satisfied, so the food and cocktail blogs wanted to stretch out and the personal blog (long untouched) became a creativity blog. Plus there was the newish project: the cookbook.

And then it was too much.

But, still, I had for a few months the feeling that I was doing it all, and I’m not willing to go back to being only partially fulfilled. Thus the dilemma. How many balls is too many? Do I shift certain projects? Should some on-going projects have an end-goal? These are the questions I’m asking myself this month and however long it takes.

Granted, the last week or so when I was doing what I wanted when I felt like it was kinda nice. No pressure. Sure, it would be nice if my hands weren’t mean and I could ink the strips, too, but that’s icing. The thoughts are getting out there. A lot did get done, some didn’t, but it’s all still there, waiting for it’s turn. Maybe that’s the way to treat it, I don’t know yet. I do know the physical decluttering is going nicely, too–3 bags of miscellaneous stuff have left the Abyss and a third bookcase to organize what’s staying (still not finished decluttering, but it’s a start) will be purchased in the next week or two.

All that to say: it’s coming together, I’m figuring it out, thanks for being patient and sticking around 🙂