Published On: April 14, 2010

Balls in the Air

Apparently this month we're doing visual therapy at Cocktail Hour--that seems more appropriate than I first thought, actually. At any rate, I know it's doesn't have to be an all or nothing sort of thing, but it's how I've generally operated. When it was food, it was food all the time, I had goals, I met them (a little too easily at times) and then it was done. Move on. And even though I loved what I had been doing I still had that burned-out, step away from the cooking feeling for a few years. I don't want to repeat that. So, when I started webcomics I was also writing about crafts and it was good--2 different outlets that kept me very busy yet satisfied. The writing contract ends: joy, I can spend more time on my comics projects. Move something from someday to now. Only, well, I found myself not 100% satisfied, so the food and cocktail blogs wanted to stretch out and the personal blog (long untouched) became a creativity blog. Plus there was the newish project: the cookbook. And then it was too much. But, still, I had for a few months the feeling that I was doing it all, and I'm not willing to go back to being only partially fulfilled. Thus the dilemma. How many balls is too many? Do I shift certain projects? Should some on-going projects have an end-goal? These are the questions I'm asking myself this month and however long it takes. Granted, the last week or so when I was doing what I wanted when I felt like it was kinda nice. No pressure. Sure, it would be nice if my hands weren't mean and I could ink the strips, too, but that's icing. The thoughts are getting out there. A lot did get done, some didn't, but it's all still there, waiting for it's turn. Maybe that's the way to treat it, I don't know yet. I do know the physical decluttering is going nicely, too--3 bags of miscellaneous stuff have left the Abyss and a third bookcase to organize what's staying (still not finished decluttering, but it's a start) will be purchased in the next week or two. All that to say: it's coming together, I'm figuring it out, thanks for being patient and sticking around :)

4 thoughts on “Balls in the Air

  1. You go girl! Don’t give up…you will eventually figure it all out…

  2. It’s always deciding what has to stay and what has to go. Whether decluttering your office or your life. I understand, I’m going through some life changes as well looking for a new job and getting ready to move forward with the love of my life. It’s a hard process to sort through your things and habits so you can decide what to keep (or in your case what to keep working on) and what to let go, but in the end it’s better to have the satisfaction of a few manageable goals to strive for at a time, rather than the burnout of a large unmanageable pile all at once. *hugs*

  3. Thanks for stopping by Pass the Sushi. 🙂 Ill have to look around your site but I’m digging what I see so far.

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