Some things just aren’t destined to go off without a hitch. We actually ended up eating breakfast closer to noon which, in turn, pushed back dinner but it wasn’t a tragedy because it made it more compatible with the timing of the Eagles game.

So! Big News! BIG news! BIG NEWS! (okay, maybe not /that/ big)

Starting next week, the 17th of July, Random Acts… will go to twice a week updates: Tuesdays and Thursdays! And there was much rejoicing throughout the land! Of course, you might notice that they are single-register, three-to-four panel strips instead of full or 2/3 pages but stay with me here: it’s all in the name of progress. I’ll also be sticking with the black and white for the most part, the lagniappes being an exception. I’m really enjoying the direction this is taking (trust me, I can see where we’re headed) and I hope you will, too.

Also, if you’ve ever thought about starting your own webcomic, check out this article by yours truly for some insight into the process.