Published On: May 7, 2009

Cruise Holiday 3

Though, really, I think I'm a lot LESS complicated these days, all things considered. It's amazing what total strangers will say to you, though, thinking they're being funnyand not just weird. But, then, had he not I wouldn't have had such prime comic fodder, no? And my complicated coffee orders are a health necessity since I can't have caffiene and am lactose intolerant. Trust me, I miss being able to order anything, anywhere.  Those were the days...

2 thoughts on “Cruise Holiday 3

  1. Whoa! Nice website design! Sorry if this is way late. Looks very snazzy.

    Don’t confuse what total strangers will say and say, flirting. XD

    1. Thanks! Not late at all.

      Well, even if that was flirting (ignoring the fact that I was obviously with a significant other), it was still rather clueless, lol.

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