It’s not that I didn’t mean it, I just didn’t mean to SAY it! Much less in a voicemail!

And, oh, you just don’t know what went through my mind after that. Had I ruined things? Maybe this would scare him off. I mean, we’d only been “dating” three months (if you count the online flirting in October). I know I have a tendency to fall fast and hard, it’s just the way I’ve always been and I’ve long ago accepted that but you don’t just blurt something out like that. I was convinced I’d really screwed up.

It took about half an hour, maybe?, of fretting and waiting but he finally popped up in the chatroom (after I’d try to call him back and only got static then emailed him as well). I very carefully IMed him with an “about the voicemail” type of message and waited, cringing, for his reply.

. . .

WHEW! It was okay. He confessed that he’d been thinking the same thing all weekend but, likewise, not really sure it was time to put it out there yet. I still felt like 40 kinds of a fool for letting it just tumble out like that. I guess I’d been try so very hard to totally avoid that little 4-letter-word all weekend that by the time I left the message I was too exhausted to guard my speech.

You know what this also means? Also have a script before you leave a voicemail!

This relationship brought to you by

This relationship brought to you by