Published On: January 5, 2010

Doctor, Doctor 13

If I didn't already mention, most of the doctor-dump craziness and resulting scramble happened at the same time my car decided to lose it's mind (pretty much literally: the electrical system kept wonking out--find out all about my car woes in Satyr #8 from Main Enterprises) and after 3 trips and repairs in as many weeks I was way overstressed. So brand new car, brand new doctor! And one that, even if he WAS humoring me, at least agreed to give it a shot. Thankfully I didn't have to go back to Gainesville for the scans. And speaking of the scans. When I DID ask Dr Hart about an O-scan her reply was that they were only effective if you already knew where the tumor was. Despite the fact that I had literature that said it was used to FIND them... but whatever. I think we've already established that she was NOT a good doctor for me.

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  1. Testing testing… keep reading right along!

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