The thing about general anesthesia is that it doesn’t feel like you just took a nap, it feels like you just lost 2 hours of your life! But, you know, despite the fact that I’d just lost those 2 hours or so and had various areas in my throat altered (they removed my tonsils, adenoids, uvula–the hangy thing in the back of the throat–and part of my soft palate) I didn’t think to ask where was I (in post-op) or how everything went (just fine and dandy), no, I wanted my book (Why Girls Are Weird, by Pamela Ribon of because I quickly surmised that this dim room with the mist blowing on me was absolutely not interesting or entertaining so I would need to keep myself occupied for however long it took.

And the drugs I was on? Didn’t feel a thing. At least not any time soon.