Yes, my specialist dumped me. And it was about as painful as any breakup can be–I trusted her and she tossed me aside. Just like a particular ex-husband who considered being questioned was a mark of disrespect, I took my time to research what she’d diagnosed me with (and, consequently, found out several things I could do on my own–lifestyle adjustments–that could (and did) lessen the symptom-load), got enough information to be the best possible patient advocate for myself (something anyone with an odd or mysterious diagnosis should do) and asked about other tests that might help pin-point what was going on in my body and I was turned away.

Now, it’s amusing to me that when I requested copies of my records from her office, it included such gems as:

“patient is convinced she has carcinoid syndrome”
–well, yeah, because she told me that’s what it was… I’d never heard of it before then!

Also, on that last visit, which she wasn’t even present for, I went into full-on flush in front of the nurse yet her (Dr Hart’s) notes say that I show no signs of distress or illness in person. Sure thing, doc. Everyone I’ve spoken to about her agrees that while a brilliant diagnostician, her manner (i.e. flakiness) leaves something to be desired. Apparently she’s one of those specialists who develop a very specific niche and prefer to stay in it. Which I understand, to a point.

At any rate, this is far from over… Stay tuned!