I didn’t make it to many panels this convention but the ones I did had a disturbing trend towards Q&A instead of moderated discussions/presentations among the panelists. And it’s not just me, I heard this from a few others as well. Maybe I’m just not down with the whole panel thing? Not sure, but give me a presentation or discussion BEFORE going into Q&A, please!

For precisely the reason illustrated above, of course. I swear, for a panel titled “We Don’t Need No Superheroes” the talk (totally Q&A, of course) was entirely ABOUT superheroes. It was _supposed_ to be about other comics genres and so forth, and there were a couple of attempts to steer the convo that way, but when every question is “why are superheroes so pervasive in the United States markets” and others (I recorded the panel so the above example really was the last question asked) it’s tough to stay on track.