Published On: January 24, 2008

Friday night road-trips can make one a bit punchy.

Say hello to Jen's new hair! Even though this conversation took place in April of 2007 and she cut her hair and adopted the near-constant kerchiefs in late September, it's easier for me to draw than that ponytail and helps her character stand out more. Hence, the early change is just a crutch for me. One of these days I might be able to get bangs-less ponytails right, but not now.


Of course it doesn't make much difference to you, the viewer, but I have to crow just a teensy bit: I actually completed both Tuesday and Thursday's strips, start to finish, on Monday! I am a soupcon ahead of the game and desperately hoping that by the time this strip goes live I will have been able to use Wednesday night to start on (if not complete) one or both of next week's strips. I'll be traveling just before Valentine's Day (SoulGeek Vegas Bash!) and getting in impossibly late on the 11th so I really need to be ahead enough to have that one done before I leave in case of airplane delays or just plain fatigue. This is the goal! And, hey, if I actually manage to amass a buffer once more that means I can panic less each Monday and Wednesday night and keep working ahead while maintaining a low blood pressure and meeting my other deadlines with less stress. It's all good!

2 thoughts on “Friday night road-trips can make one a bit punchy.

  1. Sweet baby Cthulhu, I’m a moron. XD

  2. Uh-oh. Maybe I hafta change my hairdo if I ever want to appear! 🙂

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