Published On: November 4, 2009

Get It Together 2

Killer Bunnies is a (collectible?) card game where the goal is to have the winning carrot card (which you win or buy) when all the carrot cards are taken. It's the getting to it that can kind of make someone's eyes glaze over. It's a fun game with lots of puns and pop-culture references and we've now played it two Easters in a row with the family and at other times...

2 thoughts on “Get It Together 2

  1. It’s not a Collectible Card Game, but it is expandable. There are 9 color-themed expansion sets (all available to order from you-know-where!), and there have been several promotional cards issued as well.

    1. See, I knew someone would be able to set me straight 🙂 I honestly wasn’t sure if expandable = collectible or not. Now I know 🙂

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