Published On: April 29, 2008


And here we have it, folks, the last entry of Year 1! Wow! I did it!!! And you all have been so awesome as to come along for the ride: I love each and every one of you! For the curious, this is the 94th update (remember my goal was to hit 52 since I figured I'd only have time for one update a week) and the 75th actual comic! Nice number, that one. The other 19 were things like cast pages, random funnies that I thought of, holiday updates, and other flotsam and jetsam that seemed like a good idea at the time. So. What's next? Well, first off, a reminder that starting on May 1st (the official Random Acts... anniversary) we will be going to a thrice weekly update schedule running Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. So make sure to check back on both Thursday and Friday this week, and then next week updates will begin on Wednesdays, making this the last (intentional) Tuesday update. So long, Tuesday, it was nice knowin' ya'! Also! The plan is to roll out some site improvements on the 1st (that hopefully will not break the site--I'm testing them elsewhere, first, like a good little web courtesan, so the transition _should_ go smoothly with my only real fear as to how the archives are going to behave; we shall see!). You may or may not have noticed that the forum link is no longer available. Basically no one used it but the spammers so I just let it go. Comments work for me so unless we get really, really big I think they should work in general. I plan on having the Cast link live, come Thursday, as well as some updated banners available for those who want to share their Random Acts... support. There are other things I'm looking forward to for Year 2, but I'll hold off any more announcements until I have more details to share. Thank you all, again, for reading and sticking with me. For those who are new: welcome aboard! You've come along at what I think is an awesome time for the strip. Feel free to crawl the archives at your leisure and meet the friends, family, coworkers and occasional strangers that populate my little corner of the world. 

2 thoughts on “Glitter

  1. Congratulations Scraps,… that is really cool! Well done!!!
    I clicked your link and only just had the chance to peek at a few of the strips so far, as soon as I can I’ll read it from the beginning! (may take a bit)
    I’ve always been a big fan of comic strips, one of my earliest experiences was when my father would come home from his long days at work with two or three news papers, sometime after dinner he, my brothers and I would check out my favorites , sometimes twice! There was even one political/sports like on page 6 that would have a little man and dog that we would search for…soo fun!
    Here’s to best wishes and looking forward to your next year worth!


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