Published On: January 9, 2009

Gone to the Dogs, Page 3

No one has ever said Molly isn't completely spoiled. The hers and hers chairs worked for a little while, with Molly still stealing Mom's chair whenever possible, but she pretty much ignores it now. We joke that Mom needs an office chair with a sidecar.

3 thoughts on “Gone to the Dogs, Page 3

  1. One of my cats is notorious for stealing my husband’s chair any time he gets up. He’s taken to wheeling it out into the hall whenever we go out of town so she’ll have it to sit on when he’s not home.

  2. I can’t say I disagree with the dog. Why put up with a cold chair when you have one that’s already been warmed? Hehe.

  3. LOL, this happens to me daily with me and one of my three cats. XD

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