Published On: October 10, 2008

How (NOT) to be a Responsible Driver, Part 3

Eating in the car is an art. I mean, you have to have great hand-mouth coordination and invest in either bibs or a lifetime supply of the Tide pen. Plus, selection is very important. You can make many, many things into portable potables (even Chinese takeout, ask me how I know!) but the key, really and truly, is to leave one hand free. This woman missed that very important step. And does anyone else worry that they might accidentally choke on a French fry and cause an accident? Or is that just me?

2 thoughts on “How (NOT) to be a Responsible Driver, Part 3

  1. I think you have to pick your spots, eating and driving. Say, a couple hour drive on the highway. You can usually back off from the pack and enjoy a sandwich. Trying to eat pizza, for instance, while going to work during rush hour, probably not the greatest move.

    The image is hilarious though! Is that cereal?! Ha ha, That’s gotta be a no-no. How do you do Chinese takeout though? Spring rolls or fried rice?

  2. Yeah, I literally looked over in traffic one morning and this girl (in a huge SUV) was eating cereal! Go figure!

    Chinese food. Well, see, I used to live about 15 minutes outside of town and some nights would stop at this Chinese buffet place on my way home for take-out. Always hitting the fried foods last, I’d pop a couple of tempura shrimp and an egg roll on top of the other stuff in the container and head on.

    One day, the food smelled SO. GOOD. and I was absolutely famished after running errands and all, so I snuck into the container for the shrimp. Then the egg roll. Then, I was still hungry and still a ways from home so I decided to grab the broccoli from the beef& and so on and so forth… It’s totally possible if you have clean hands and good coordination! lol

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