Published On: May 15, 2008

I Never Win!

Of all the things to be lucky at, art auctions are the strangest. And I did buy one small item, a hand-painted etching of Winnie the Pooh, numbered, etc. The Collector's Card meant I had 12 months to pay before accruing interest and it was such a pittance that I had it paid off very soon. Plus, it was a flat shipping charge for up to 5 pieces, so I accepted 4 of the large "seriolithographs" that I'd won in the raffles, etc. (the 2 small ones were distributed on-site) plus my WtP for the flat fee (I didn't like the 5th print, anyway). And, yeah, they really did get testy when you refer to them as prints--I don't care what name you put on it, those are prints. Sure, they might be incredibly involved and more along the lines of multi-pass screen prints but, hello, still prints.

One thought on “I Never Win!

  1. It’s really hard to read the text at the bottom there. Though I see the newspost takes care of explaining it. 🙂

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