Of all the things to be lucky at, art auctions are the strangest. And I did buy one small item, a hand-painted etching of Winnie the Pooh, numbered, etc. The Collector’s Card meant I had 12 months to pay before accruing interest and it was such a pittance that I had it paid off very soon. Plus, it was a flat shipping charge for up to 5 pieces, so I accepted 4 of the large “seriolithographs” that I’d won in the raffles, etc. (the 2 small ones were distributed on-site) plus my WtP for the flat fee (I didn’t like the 5th print, anyway). And, yeah, they really did get testy when you refer to them as prints–I don’t care what name you put on it, those are prints. Sure, they might be incredibly involved and more along the lines of multi-pass screen prints but, hello, still prints.