Published On: August 14, 2008

I’m Ready for my Close-Up

Or am I? I have a friend who is not only a fabulous person but also an awesome photographer and I asked her to take some shots of me to use for my eHow profile (being all professional-like) and that sort of thing. [For instance, one will be used on the back of the Year 1 book... I have the back designed in my head and still don't have a clue about the front. But I digress.] We'd had a few cool weekends prior so I dressed appropriately, or so I thought until we got there at it was hot as blazes and 99% humidity. But the photos turned out phenomenally so it was worth it. And you can't even tell I was sweating buckets the whole time!

One thought on “I’m Ready for my Close-Up

  1. I hate regular photo shoots. It all seems so fake and out of place to me. But being the hypocrite that I am, I love the picture studios at those theme parks where they take the black and white pictures in the old west costumes. Every time I see one I have to drag my friends over to get our picture done.

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