We learned some things doing this little project. Namely:

  • Todd is much better at painting trim than I am–doesn’t hurt that he’s taller than me and, therefore, doesn’t have to stretch, even on the ladder, and he takes his time. I don’t, so much.
  • I am a messy painter. I also will find a way to step or sit in paint at some point during a project. I now have a pair of shoes and shorts that are only for painting. Mostly because they have paint permanently on them. Granted, I dressed to match the paint color, more or less, so it’s not the worst problem, but it’s there.
  • Todd and I work well together on home decorating projects.

UP! came out well after this room was this room, but looking back I see our two armchairs (Todd’s a big, beige recliner that swallows me whole, mine a smaller, burnt orange swivel chair) reflecting that mismatched yet go-together look that Carl and Ellie had. (D’awww!)

I suppose we could have used this room as an actual guest room–one of these days we’ll have one–but it suited us better to have a place for most of our books that could be left open as more space when we entertained. Overnight guests could still stay in there on an air mattress, but we had 3 couches they could crash on in the living room, too.