Never fails–if you’re going to have friendly neighbors they’re going to be a bit TOO friendly.

And I wish I was making that conversation with the neighbor’s daughter up. Oh how I wish.

Aside from the near-instant church invitation (product of living in the Bible belt), they were just happy to see someone moving in that might actually take care of the place. Until us the backyard had been left to grow to an alarming level of weedy wilderness and the front didn’t fare too much better.

But still, unloading a trunk full of alcohol is not the first impression I would have preferred, but there you go.

Across from us was another family, the husband of which would say hi when he was out in the yard, the older couple on the other side of Dusty were sweet, but the family on the other side of us? Not a clue. We knew they had 2 big dogs, a garden in the back corner, and an aviary. I think I got a wave from the husband one afternoon when we arrived home at the same time, but otherwise it was complete radio silence.

Oh, and there was the cookie bandit that made a few stops: containers of cookies accompanied by a Bible tract (one of them playing off of American Idol, I kid you not) appeared on our doorstep a couple of times with a very nice note but nothing else. We decided to be brave and eat the cookies–we’re not dead yet!