Published On: July 18, 2008

Mixology 103

Here's the text-only version: Snarky Little Tart 1 Ice Cube 1 oz. [Gordon's] Gin .5 oz. Vanilla Cordial (recipe at the link, used spiced rum instead) 1 oz. [DeKuyper] Pomegranate Liqueur Splash of Club Soda Swirl it all together in a double-shot or cordial glass. (A martini glass would be fun and fit me, too, but it's not really a martini so only use those in a pinch ;-)

2 thoughts on “Mixology 103

  1. People tend to think I am very nice when they first meet me. Ha ha ha.

  2. Great idea! I ‘ll have to try your drink sometime. Now to get started on my own. Hmm, something that says strong like a tiger, but still a little goofy….. this may take a while.

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