Published On: May 12, 2010

Narrowing the Field

I am not kidding when I say that one guy I called had just taken a deposit 2 hours earlier. And it was a huge house for not much rent. So much disappointment was there. Fail. For those just joining us, Todd and I have been living together for a year now (go us!) so this part of the story actually took place a year and a few months ago. Part of the "delay" is that I like to be able to really look back at a situation and know how it'll turn out before I start telling it here. For instance, we'd been dating for almost a year before I told the story of how we met and another year before I told about our continued relationship and Todd moving to town. I suppose I should be glad that I didn't wait til September to start this story, too! I just figured Year 4 would be good for telling our house and related stories. After all, everything is an adventure! * * * Hey, guys! I'm in Mobile, Alabama, for MobiCon this weekend, May 14-16, so if you'll be at the Con or in the area, please stop by and say hi! I always love meeting my readers! * * * Also! Until the end of the month I'm hosting a giveaway as a guest blogger for Circle of Food. I'm giving away 2 signed copies if What's New, Cupcake?, all you have to do is follow the comment directions at the end of my Creative Cupcakes post (it's simple, I promise!!!)

3 thoughts on “Narrowing the Field

  1. We went through exactly this. It ended up I found an ad during Festival International here in Lafayette. We went to check out the house the same day the ad was out and we made a deposit then.

    Have fun at Mobicon!

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