Every single piece of bra hardware, zipper, and rivet of my jeans drew a buzz from that wand and all I could think about was the fact I was standing there, spread eagle, barefoot (travel tip 2: wear socks!), no glasses so everything was fuzzy, no headband so my hair was absolutely everywhere, and did I mention that I woke up that morning (at o-dark thirty in the morning) with the beginnings of my biannual case of bronchitis?

Oh, yes, it was such a fun trip home. I now have a true appreciation for what babies must go through when their parents bring them on flights–there was no way to pop my ears, none, I was close to tears by the second leg of the trip. Of course, it was back to work as usual the next day, plus a trip to the dr for drugs followed by dual endoscopies the next week (just be glad I opted not to draw that lovely experience!). Welcome to 2007, Random Acts… !

Let me not forget to cite inspiration from Brad Guigar for the floating-head narration-bullet. If you don’t read Evil Inc. you really should, it’s such a fun comic and so well-drawn that I feel bad even linking to it from this fledgling little strip. Still, go crawl his archives, I spent the better part of a week reading all of the back-strips and enjoying the hell out of them. Go. Now. I’ll be here when you get back.