Published On: March 4, 2008

Nothing good…

Seriously. At work I have the joyful job of trying to get people to contribute to the United Way or whatever other charity might approach us. Apparently last year we hit a decent enough number and I got a certificate, essentially, for bugging people for money. Talk about your odd pats on the back. 


Trading brush-like line differences for the moment for the contrast between pen widths. I really like the way the main items pop out from the background (desk) on panels 1 and 2. I suppose a gray wash would have helped do the same for panel 3 but, honestly, I was a bit afraid of screwing it up! Still, I really like the drawing of myself in the last panel. Quite satisfactory.

One thought on “Nothing good…

  1. I like the new style. It looks cleaner and sleeker (is that a word) from my viewpoint. Hehe, that certificate reminds of the participation awards they gave in school. It was supposed to make you feel good, but you knew everyone else got one too and that kinda took the specialness away.

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