Published On: May 26, 2010

Nothing Like Patience

The other title in the running was "Peeping Todd" but I didn't want folks to get the wrong idea. So. No, I do not possess patience (must have been handed out in the same line as sense of direction) nor am I terribly interested in learning it. I did try my best to be fair and wait until he had a chance to see it before I told him how much I liked it and thought it was meant for us and all that, but, well, there's that patience thing. And he's awfully indulgent of me. Oh, and yes, I do have a bar cart that was a Christmas present from my Mom several years ago so having a place to set up the bar (which has far exceeded the little cart I started with) is sort of important. Where else would I mix my weekly cocktail?

2 thoughts on “Nothing Like Patience

  1. Peeking through windows for a house you would like to rent or buy should be perfectly legal. 😉 By the way, love thai food. Never had it until the Cajun took me to a place. Now I love it.

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