There are just some days when the little things are just that important. This particular day it was a very little thing. I wish I could say that I fabricated this from whole cloth but no, I really faced this dilemma.

I’m already happier with the painting quality on this strip that on the first one but I’m still having issues getting the scans to look the way the painted pieces do. Since #3 is already painted and scanned #4 (5-22) will be painted with guache instead of regular watercolors. I think it has something to do with the pigment load/paper combo and since drawing and inking these on watercolor paper would give me a separate set of fits, guache might just give me the color quality I want. Live and learn, right?

The site itself should keep evolving over the next few weeks as I work through some template mods and so forth. The ‘about’ and ‘forum’ links up on the header actually /work/ y’all. Click and enjoy. Register for the forum. Let me know what you think of things so far. Ask questions. Tell me something you like or something you don’t. Send me a link to another webcomic that I don’t already read. Whatever it is, I crave feedback!