Published On: June 5, 2007

of playing tourist

So we continue our family vacation. I suppose I could explain that Mom is totally obsessed with French Bulldogs so when we saw one up ahead on the street she had no compunction about flagging it's owner down. Meanwhile I really did just lose myself for a bit in Dean & Deluca. A former chef I'd drooled over their catalogs for ages... it was on the second call that I finally heard my phone through the glorious haze of imported foodstuffs and right about when Andrew refound me to tell me they were waiting outside. In art news: yes, I cheated and used photoshopped photographs for panels 1 and 6: sue me. I actually did draw both panels out in blue pencil but I really did not see me getting them right enough in the final equation so I played with some photos I had. Don't worry, next week will be back to all drawn. I was reading the artist's Process page over at Wireheads and it got me thinking again about doing component strips. I had originally thought that it would be wonderful to do Random Acts... all on the tablet and then be able to reuse bits and pieces as available, eventually working my way into shorter time per strip needed and a consistent look. Well, I may still do that one day but I really enjoy being able to work on the panels anywhere I want. Jim's method has sort of clunked me on the head with possibilities. Thanks! lol Granted, right now with the full-page location strips it wouldn't make much sense, but later on this summer when a format change occurs (oh, yes, something to tease you with) and I start dealing with a lot of similar settings and so forth, perhaps an art change will be worth looking into as well. Certainly something to consider...

3 thoughts on “of playing tourist

  1. Sorry for the obscure email, but I’m looking for someone in particular. Are you jlynn76?

  2. I don’t see why you should think of your photoshopp’d backgrounds as “cheating”. Everything is made up of something, and whether it derives from a photo or a bunch of memories in your mind who cares. Art. No limits!

    1. Ah, but back then I had a bit too much idealistic integrity for my own good, perhaps, and it seemed like a ding against that. I still prefer to draw everything myself but because it means it all fits together, organically. Besides, I started drawing some of these things simply because you *can’t* always have a camera around.

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