Published On: June 19, 2007

of rapid wrapping

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! She turns 50 today, I suppose I could have at least put her /in/ this week's comic :) So the Monster Box from last week has yet another part to play. Those drawings are pretty much to scale as far as how tall that box was compared to me and I had 10 minutes or so to get it wrapped (it took the rest of a roll of wrapping paper and piecing to get it covered) without getting myself squished. Now, you might be thinking to yourself: hey, Scraps, where's the color? Here's the thing. I finished inking this one and then, because I needed something to do while watching Timeline, I decided to try a heavier outline on the characters to make them pop off the page more. Frankly, I like it. Also, I was a bit scared of ruining it by adding color. Now, I might chage my mind and add color later on, but I really like the cleanness of it--and with all the action and such, I think it really helps to have it more streamlined. Of course, the more I look at it, the more it sorta resembles a chalk outline on the center panels, but oh well. I'm learning here, gang! One thing I am definitely learning is why I really should do the strips larger and then scale them down. I do these basically to size so getting details done? Not so easy a thing. Not that I'm complaining really, I do it this way because I'd rather scan all at once and not have to stitch the scans together, but that change I hinted at is still coming. In fact, we might see a glimpse of it next week, I'm still dithering with the best way to handle the layout of that bit of the story (the rest of Christmas Eve basically). Will it be in color, I honestly don't know, I don't even have the sketches fully done. Watch this space, y'all.

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  1. I’d love to scan it all at once but my scanner only goes to 8×10.

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