Published On: April 1, 2008

Ouch-Part 2

It's April! One more month and Random Acts... will see it's first birthday and I am so incredibly thrilled. Over the next month I'm going to be getting some things ready so that starting May 1 there will be a few changes around here. Most noticeably will be the update schedule going to 3 times a week! Starting in May you can look for new content on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Other things will be updating the ComicPress theme, totally ditching the forums, creating that cast page that's been in the works for a while and putting out some banners. This first year has been an exercise is 'Can I do it?' Now that I know I can, the next step is finding out 'What can I do _with_ it?' Watch and see, folks, watch and see.

5 thoughts on “Ouch-Part 2

  1. I think I was on the phone with Amy at the time, and figured that she = long distance and you = here meant that I should keep on the long distance call.


  2. Wow, cool new stuff coming. Sounds awesome! But now what will I do on tuesdays? *sniffling noises*

  3. Just curiosity, but why are there no hands on the wheel in the last panel if you’re driving to the emergency room. I’m betting that you hitched a ride from KITT.

    Edited to respond: well, Dan, you see, the left hand was being held above heart-level to try and staunch the bleeding, the right hand was holding the phone and if you look closely at the lower-right section of the steering wheel you’ll see that my knee is actually the part of me driving at that point. I’d just entered the parking garage so was doing about 15mph–if that–at the time. Still, not the best idea but shock had definitely set in. Nice catch!

  4. Thanks for the explanation of the last panel. Small critique here now that the door has been opened.

    I think that visual is very funny and the “camera” angle should reflect that precarious position. A side view or isometric view from the passenger side toward the driver’s side would have sold that idea better than the overhead shot.

    Often times selecting the correct view for the joke is crucial. I think in this case part of the joke was lost because it was overshadowed by the word bubble and visually it couldn’t be seen/understood.

    Your drawing and new style is definitately getting better. The use of thick and thin lines is helping alot with the contrasts and drawing the eye’s attention. Well done.

  5. PS – The second panel with the towel and hands looks great!
    That is a solid looking panel. The position of the hands could have been a little lower to cover the negative space of the sink a bit but overall I like that panel the best in this strip.
    It just looks so clean. Good job.

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