Published On: October 24, 2008

Party Fouls, Part 3

Especially not when it's the same person!!! Sigh... I've never claimed not to be a control freak. I freely admit to wanting things a certain way but I'm also willing to do the work so that no one else has to. I had a very specific idea in mind for my 30th birthday party and, by and large, I got it. What proved a damper was the look-at-me tendency of one of the guests that afternoon. I shouldn't have been surprised, honestly, but it did sort of sting. A few times during the evening I felt very unnecessary at my own party! Sure, I _could_ have made my own scene but 2 wrongs definitely do not make a right. It's tough to balance the desire to have your guests enjoy themselves from the hostess point of view and also get the attention you deserve as the birthday girl, which is why I don't really encourage throwing your own birthday party as a general rule. Of course, a good hostess also knows how to select a guest list. If someone is prone to steal-the-show or cause drama, that person does not get invited back. Unless, you know, you're short some entertainment of the train wreck variety ;-)

5 thoughts on “Party Fouls, Part 3

  1. I was wondering if this was gonna show up.

  2. Agreed. I’m not one to like being in the spotlight, but if it’s my time of honor then give it to me, don’t be taking it away.

    Also, (sorry, just have to put this in) while two wrongs don’t make a right, three lefts certainly do.

  3. Jen: how could it not?!

    Batdan: See, you have sense. Some people… not so much.

  4. Man, yet another time I’m stuck going, ‘Now, who was that?!’ 🙂 I think maybe I didn’t know you yet, though.

  5. Jun: this was 2 years ago, so definitely hadn’t met yet 🙂

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