Published On: January 23, 2009

Phoning it in, Part 3

This one actually came in when I first worked here and was still a receptionist (I've since worked my way up to Bookkeeper, in case that wasn't apparent or I hadn't mentioned it). I was so flabbergasted that she would just call up and ask (and specify, for children--not infants, not boys, but children!?) that it was awfully tough to keep a straight face. Obviously she'd mean to dial the doctor's office (again, another one of those 1-digit oh-so-important differences) and not us, but this is probably my all-time wtf moment of wrong numbers at work!

2 thoughts on “Phoning it in, Part 3

  1. Only one thing to say: Ouch!

  2. Thank goodness for inner monologue. XD

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