Holidays sorta sucked, that year. Or not, depending on how you look at it (hindsight and all).

But yes, folks, I picked such a winner that on the way home from his grandmother’s house for Easter dinner did I broach the subject of our flailing marriage intending to suggest counseling when he drops the bomb that he spent Spring Break shopping for divorce attorneys. Knock me over with a feather why doncha?

Of course, we didn’t use an attorney, just filed the simplified dissolution since we owned no property and had no children to divvy up. In fact, what we divided between us was debt. I was pretty careful but he believed strongly in retail therapy to an extreme.

I will say, though, that when I moved out from our 2nd apartment together I moved in with a friend and managed to be mostly on my own. He, on the other hand, moved in with Grandma.

Hey, when life goes pear-shaped you gotta take your credits where you can!