Published On: December 4, 2008

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 14

I did a few dumb things around this time but I must have had some over-worked guardian angels because I never fell into those worst-case-scenarios. In fact, I don't even think I thought of them at the time. Case in point: After we'd been emailing for a bit I decided I wanted to go out on Saturday night and just get plastered. See, I always drove myself to the clubs so that meant I had to always be able to drive myself home, hence the responsible schtick. This time I wanted to see what it felt like to actually get drunk. (I said it wasn't smart!!!) Anyway, I was spinning this theory out in chat (ah, msn messenger, how I do NOT miss you) and hinting wildly I might add, when Michael graciously (heh) offerred to meet up with me at the bar and make sure I got home safely. Plan in motion, I had one of my roommates drop me off later than evening. Oh, and I'd told Michael he would recognize me (we'd exchanged pictures, of course, but you know how that goes) because I'd be the girl in the black jeans with the handcuffs on her belt-loops. They're actually a pair of thumb cuffs, so tiny, and with a long enough chain that I could wear them across the front of my jeans, belt-like. It was a great conversation starter! So, anyway, I did at least stay completely responsible (only a drink or 2, while dancing that's nothing) until we met up and I made sure I felt safe enough around him before getting very, very silly. And I did make it home (like I said, guardian angels on overtime!), eventually ;-) What I didn't realized, fully, was how close on the heels of his last, major, heartbreaking relationship I'd come: 3 weeks. Oops! How was I to know, at the time, that I was his transition girl? I mean, you don't stay with your transition for a year! Anyway, she really did a number on him, so I was the palate cleanser before he met and married his current wife and he, well, he taught me a lot about myself and helped bring me out of my shell a lot. In fact, I found a lot of my continuing self-confidence while dating him. Plus, he's like the only one of the guys mentioned in this story (so far and yet to come) that I still talk to on a semi-regular, willing basis. And we didn't break up immediately after that conversation, but I don't think it took all that long. After all, we were obviously wanting different things so what was the point, right? But you know we're not done yet, right? If you thought some of the previous parts were a bit surprising (judging by the comments, at least), tomorrow's update is going to sound like something out of a movie but I swear to you, it's 100% true!

2 thoughts on “Rings on Her Fingers, Page 14

  1. It had never occurred to me before that chick-lit type stories might actually have a basis in fact. 🙂 My various relationships sort of bloomed between friends with mutual interests rather than starting out as the formal dating scene, so it’s weird to me to envision all that sort of maddening uncertainty going on.

  2. Oh dear, the comments have more cliffhangers than the comic. I’m at the edge of my seat wondering what tomorrow’s surprise is.

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