Please keep all limbs inside the car at all times…

So, once we’d broken up we kept in contact, hung out together, etc. and I know I’d told him I had started seeing someone and I’m sure I gave his first name (Jim) but I honestly can’t tell you if I told Michale his LAST name so I was really, REALLY surprised to hear his voice coming out of the other his’s answering machine. It was totally surreal. Of course I went back to him!

And then it was about 6 weeks of Friday dates and Sunday brunches and this and that and the beginnings of wedding plans (for later on down the road, when we made it official, of course, but I enjoyed the dreaming part of things). And then, one Friday night, instead of going out he sat in my room, looking very guilty, and apologized for not being able to go through with it.

Who asked him to take care of me??? Not I, not that I remember! Granted, it may have seemed that I needed taking care of, maybe, at least it obviously did to him but that wasn’t anything of what _I_ wanted. So I told him to leave, went a bit hysterical, called a girlfriend and had a break-up night. Again. It didn’t help that this was also the week that I’d been fired from my job at the Plantation (after giving 2 weeks notice, they asked me to stay for 6, I said I couldn’t [afford to], they said we don’t need you past today) and restarted my bookkeeping job; there was a lot of turmoil that week!

[A break-up night, for those who’ve never had one, is a night where all mention of romance is forbidden. Funny movies are watced with NO romantic subplots. Copious amounts of food are consumed and the menu is total comfort: pizza, barbecue wings, Oreo cookies and ice creams (eaten straight from the container, no bowls). ]