Even though it wasn’t what I generally considered my “type”, I though, sure, a country boy might be a nice change of pace. And it was, for a while. One thing I noticed with Matt was a lesser amount of game-playing and pretention, though that could have as much to do with his responsibilities as a father as him being a good ol’ boy (or, well, sort of… he wasn’t always a yokel).

Another thing I noticed is he did acctually have the romantic thing down pretty well. Unlike some men I’ve known who tell you 1,000 times how much of a romantic he is and never actually provide practical evidence of that trait, Matt was good at surprising me from time to time (as you’ll see as the week continues). The note on my windshield was especially cute as it came just before I went out of town for a weekend and also included a balloon attached to my antenna.

His boys were easy, relatively speaking. I, of course, resorted to bribery of several degrees. I started dating Matt shortly before one of their birthdays so, of course, offerred to provide an adorable cake. To seal the deal I made these cool hat-and-cape sets with dinosaur tails attached–they were a big hit! (the eldest was a dino-nut and the younger 2 followed suit easily, so 3 sets got me into their good graces) Of course, it didn’t take 5 minutes for them to begin using the dino-capes as weapons but, well, that’s boys. In fact, an online friend of mine was a Shriner and he requested an adult-sized set in burgundy that he could wear to the children’s hospitals (I may still have a picture somewhere, come to think of it).