Published On: November 6, 2008

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 2

Oh wasn't this a fun story--NOT! So, here's the skinny: K was flirting with B, a guy from our school, already on this trip when they bumped into Patrick in the lobby of our dorm. I was dragged down there by K, unwillingly I might add, from my own room where I was pining for my boyfriend, Robert. (the teen angst is pretty thick, no?) Anyway! Patrick totally saw what was going on and figured I was a safer pal-around-gal than K. Not that there wasn't flirting going on, I mean it was me--come on! But K went all green-eyed monster and refused to talk to me for the rest of the week. Now Patrick was actually from one of the school that shared the bus up to Emory with our local high schools so, on the way home and with K still not speaking to me, I sat with Patrick instead. At one point I fell asleep (a common habit with me in moving vehicles, at least those that I'm not driving) and was leaning up against Patrick, who'd put his arm around me. Click. That was the picture that got Robert so up in arms (oh it was bad, there was an incident of a threat letter being hand-delivered to Patrick's mailbox in Panama City, for example). You would think that act alone was enough to make me walk away, but no. Tune in tomorrow for the final straw...

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  1. Hee! Oh, the angst! 🙂

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