That was… interesting. Flying cross country, seeing California, etc was all cool but, well, as sometimes happens with Internet-begun relationships things we’re exactly as they seemed. But, even that wasn’t the biggest problem: I should have never agreed to be somewhere 5 full days with no time on my own or even a car to go where I wanted. By the end of the trip I was a little stir crazy, a lot exhausted, and so wasn’t as perky when we said good-bye. He took that to mean I was brushing him off and left a very drama-ful message for me before I’d even gotten home and, oh, it was a mess. After reminding him that I’d already warned him about me needing my space and not being a morning person (had to be at the airport at 6am) he realize he’d overreacted and while things went on for a little while, the damage had been done. This time it wasn’t the distance, I just didn’t need the drama.