Published On: November 7, 2008

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 3

And there we go. I'm not sure what was worse, really, the hidden jealousy (that note I mentioned yesterday? I found out about from K, confirmed by Patrick) or the clingy, spineless-ness that followed. I know it was high school, but I guess even then I wanted someone self-possessed enough to be confident without being a bully. And the whole Marines thing. Wow, that was the kicker. I had gone on the Band Tour over spring break and came back to find a gift from Robert had been left for me while I'd been out of town (an early birthday present to be exact). Inside, along with some CDs, was a letter that I swear to you read like a suicide note! Turned out it was just his way of saying goodbye as he shipped off to Paris Island. Let's just say, once the facts came out, his Mom was not so happy with me!

2 thoughts on “Rings on Her Fingers, Page 3

  1. Wow, that’s some heavy drama there. I can only imagine what that was like at the time. Everything is just so jacked to the nines but its cool that you can look back on it and create dramatic, entertaining reads of it.

  2. I got a promise ring myself once, before my boyfriend of 4 years (at the time) changed colleges. To show me “how serious he was about me.”

    I got dumped a year later.

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