Published On: November 12, 2008

Rings on Her Fingers, Part 4

My very own boulevard of broken hearts, as it were. Mom took to calling me heartless around this time. She might have been right, but I did _try_ to let them down easily. But truth be told I knew (or thought I knew) what I was looking for and once he stopped being that, well, what was I supposed to do: lie? pretend I was happy? Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. Still, I do kinda cringe when I think back on those boys, I could have been a smidge nicer after the breakups and stuff.

3 thoughts on “Rings on Her Fingers, Part 4

  1. I hate to say this, but I’m glad I never knew you in high school. My heart is held together with enough duct tape as it is.

  2. Well, you know, KNOWING me in high school wouldn’t have hurt… dating me might have, though, lol.

    Another bit of foreshadowing? Karma’s a bitch!

  3. Oh, Scraps, I know how that works. I was a high school dating pro. I think I had around 5-6 relationships in my four years of high school…yeesh. And these were kinda serious. It was rough.

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