Now this _really_ does it for “Rings on Her Fingers”, and for 2008! Wow… time really does fly. I have no idea what I did with my year. Aside from 7 articles a month, 3 comics a week since May, 100 pages of graphic novel script, travelling, 3 (4 if you count Vegas, and I do, cause it was more fun than some of the actual cons) Cons, a full time job… Oh, wait, I think I figured it out 😉

I joke about it a lot, but I really am a busy girl but it’s the kind of busy I enjoy, so even when I say “I’m working all weekend”, it’s generally the good kind of work, so it’s all good. And 2009? Gonna be even busier. Actually, I was hoping to be able to end the year with some major announcements but since I’m waiting on confirmation on a couple of things in the works, I think I’ll wait a bit for the big reveal. But just know that stuff IS going to be happening in 2009, and soon! Watch this space!