Published On: June 26, 2008

Safari Scraps

(a momentary, self-indulgent squee! because I really love how Safari-Me turned out; seriously, it's _better_ than what I imagined in my head) Do you know what the sad thing is? I already eat perfectly fine. I mean, I hardly ever drink soda, no caffeine, lots of veggies, cook 90% of my meals myself, use little to no boxed or over-processed foods and follow a reduced-carb diet (little 'd', very important distinction and I still can't seem to get my weight in line. So the week charting my caloric intake only showed what I already knew to be true: overall, I've got the food thing right. Guess this means I actually have to exercise, huh?

One thought on “Safari Scraps

  1. Safari you looks great! I also like the expression on normal you’s face. 🙂

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