Published On: December 18, 2007

Scraps 2, Apocalypse 0

This is what happens: someone has a computer problem, I gamely give it a whirl since I know just enough to be dangerous, and it turns out that uninstalling Norton (even if it was never actually activated to begin with) solves the problem. It's happened twice and just goes to show that Norton is evil. * * *Apparently I've landed firmly in the habit of doing the comic start-to-finish the night before it goes up. I'm not sure how much I like that. What I need to start doing, I guess, is at least try and get part of the next one done (letters, pencils, pen, inks) after I finished the current one and maybe I can get to where I do one and a half, and then two, and then two + a night and build that buffer back up. So when I have a night like tonight, where I really just wanted to veg with a book or some knitting, I can have a break without guilt.Not that I didn't want to draw tonight, it wasn't that. In fact, I wanted to. More because I really like the way Thursdays is going to end up and I didn't want to put it off because it's so awesome in my mind. Hopefully it translates well.  I just had a long (but very good) weekend and could have used a down night. So, instead, I bribed myself. For every step in the process I completed (pencils, pen, ink) I got to read a chapter in the fluffy chick-mystery I've been reading before bed. Turned out to be sufficient motivation and once I made myself start the pencils came easily. So, you know, now I have my bribery of choice down :)

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  1. I hate when that happens. I’ve had many a time when I’ve been helping a salesman on the phone for over an hour and then “Wait do you have an Internet Security program running?” turning off firewalls does the trick. Sigh, just one of the hassles of working blind over the phone.

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