Published On: June 25, 2008

Scraps Snark

I actually didn't realize I was paraphrasing (?) The Hulk when I said that line, it was only after Jen laughed at me. Just goes to show that things are funniest when you're not trying to be. We are, of course, at [link involves sound, you've been warned] Moe's Southwest Grill where you really are greeted with a chorus of "Welcome to Moe's" every. time. you enter the place. Even if you've been in to get your food, went and sat down outside and only came back for extra napkins. Yeah. Joy. The menu always seems to confuse me and our local one doesn't serve margaritas (mores the pity) but the Homewrecker is a pretty solid meal or two.

2 thoughts on “Scraps Snark

  1. … Now I want Moe’s.

  2. I haven’t had many of those moments, but then again the comedian in me is too busy looking for those sort of lines to use to make people laugh on purpose.
    Sometime I’ll have to invite you over to Texas sometime for some real Tex-Mex. If it’s north of the Red River, it ain’t the real thing. Margaritas a’plenty.

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