Published On: June 27, 2008

Scraps Talks Back

In life, it all boils down to picking your moments. Yes, this really happened (pretty much verbatim). No, I did not lose my job or even get reprimanded. Yes, I really work with my mother and she really was rather proud of me in that moment. You should also probably know that I've worked at the same place, for the same boss, for 14 years now and have a pretty good working relationship with my boss and the majority of my co-workers. My boss really enjoys pushing buttons and stirring pots some days, and this was one of them. The new girl in the strip, today, is Kimmy, a graphic designer who has an office in our building. She goes way back with us, as well. She mainly works in fused glass these days whereas my jewelry is more beads and wire. The necklace I was wearing that day was one of my etched-glass (microscope slide) pendants, wire wrapped with bead dangles. I have maybe a dozen left from when I first started making them--might be a good time to start up an etsy store and get them out there again. And, oh yeah, this is officially Comic #100 of Random Acts... Yay!

One thought on “Scraps Talks Back

  1. Congratulations on comic #100! I always enjoy those work environments where you can joke around like that better than the ones where you have to bite your tongue so you won’t get fired.

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