Published On: July 11, 2008

Sense of Direction

I have none, folks, or nearly none. Over the years I've managed to acquire a few skills but overall I'd still be voted Most Likely to Get Lost in Her Own Backyard. If I had one. When I first walked that trail I was a smidge concerned about getting turned around but I didn't (even if I did miss my starting point that first round). What tripped this couple up was the connecting trails 1/3 and 2/3 along the way. They took one on the down-hill side, made a right at the main trail and got confused (left would have taken them to the entrance). This is it for the walking work-out week. Next week is less thematic I believe.

2 thoughts on “Sense of Direction

  1. I used to have that problem. Then I figured out how to find east or west based on where the sun is and I can generally figure things out from there. And now that I have GPS in the car I’m even better (yeah I know it’s cheating).

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