(I promise this has something to do with the “Office” January theme, and you’ll see why on Monday.) This actually happened between panels of part 12 of “a Fine Romance” (the September storyline), on my way home from New Orleans. Mom had been wanting a Frenchie for about 2 years by this point but the mega-price tag was the major sticking point in her getting one. That, and the fact that she’s really more of a cat-person.

So when she called and wanted me to come by when I got back to town I knew something had to be wrong (I thought it was computer problems, lol). Have you seen St. Elmo’s Fire? That scene with Mare Winningham’s character’s parents where her mother whispers the bad words? That’s totally what this phone conversation reminded me of with her whispering the parts she was ashamed of. Essentially this is Mom’s mid-life crisis but, now that Molly has been around for a year, as crises go this one isn’t so bad. (Though she still won’t say exactly how much she paid…)