Published On: July 30, 2008

Sometimes Violence IS the Answer

But only when dealing with blotchy television sets. Not only did the set work fine after I put it back on the stand (oooh, the threat of being tossed!) it's _still_ working just fine, having been moved around my apartment several times and now residing on the "vanity" table in my bedroom. Even though I don't really want a television in the bedroom, it doesn't really go with the feel I want in there, it's awfully nice to be able to watch a movie in bed :) So, instead, I'm going to swap some pieces around in there to make it "fit" better in the grand scheme of things. Eventually. If I had a cable hook-up in there I'd hardly ever leave, I think.

One thought on “Sometimes Violence IS the Answer

  1. It’s the same way with computers. When I worked at the computer repair store, I’d hook up computers in the front lobby so that I could better idea of the problem while the customer described it. Many times the computer worked just fine when I hooked up. I used to joke that computers like car rides and only act up so they can get out of the house once in a while.

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