This actually happened more than one, and seemed kind of subjective as to which rain storm would cause one or the other area to seep. I suppose we should be grateful that it wasn’t the roof–and we are!–but the dampness in the Abyss led to me loosing a lot of keepsake stuff that was all in one box (pre-move it was stored on my folding screen) that I thought was placed out of harm’s way.

I thought wrong.

The entire time we were in the Longview house I could not put anything on the floor towards that wall (good thing I’d planned on shelves in that area, anyway) and even things like the legs of my stool–sealed wood–were not 100% safe from the damp that just would. not. go. away.

Shows what happens when you give a room a watery name, right? Though I had other reasons for calling it The Abyss, originally.

More will be revealed…